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Late To The Air Show Late To The Air Show 2016 Knoxville Air Show

Dad and I wanted to go to the air show but did not plan ahead. It turns out there had not been an air show around here in a long time so parking sold out early. Dad was pretty sure we could get close enough to see some of it. He uses a 300mm lens on a crop censor camera so he could get pretty close to the planes in the sky. That sounded ok so we headed out to the airport and found a place to park with about thirty minutes to spare before The Blue Angels flew. They were not letting people walk up to the show anymore but there was a crowd gathered on a nearby hill. There was plenty to see from these free seats and since we dealt with no traffic it all added up to a good afternoon.
Late To The Air ShowLate To The Air ShowLate To The Air ShowLate To The Air Show

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