Mark I Lewis | Christmas Poinsettia in Late January
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My mom gave me this poinsettia on New Years Eve. Unfortunately it was neglected. The pictures are interesting though. Also check out the behind the scenes video here.

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Blair after the Poinsettia shootPoinsettia 19 CRW_4418 FlatPoinsettia 20 CRW_4408 FlatPoinsettia Leaf CRW_4401 FlatPoinsettia Leaf Clamped CRW_4395 FlatPoinsettia 07 CRW_4391 FlatPoinsettia 06 CRW_4390 FlatPoinsettia 08 CRW_4389 FlatPoinsettia 13 CRW_4388 FlatPoinsettia 09 CRW_4387 FlatPoinsettia 14 CRW_4386 FlatPoinsettia 15 CRW_4385 FlatPoinsettia 16 CRW_4384 FlatPoinsettia 18 CRW_4370 FlatPoinsettia 17 CRW_4364 FlatPoinsettia 05 CRW_4357 FlatPoinsettia 01 CRW_4352 FlatPoinsettia 04 CRW_4351 FlatPoinsettia 03 CRW_4349 FlatPoinsettia 02 CRW_4348 Flat

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