Mark I Lewis | Holzwarth Historic Site Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
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At the beginning of 2015 I found myself staring down the barrel of full time work. After years of freelancing the prospect of reliable employment was both attractive and terrifying. I accepted the job but I had to get in a trip first. I went to visit my friend Carolyn in Denver. I had a lot of fun exploring the city even though I did not take many pictures. Over the weekend we stayed in Grand Lake. I had never before seen huge frozen lakes with people ice fishing and snowmobiling on them. Even in the winter you can drive about ten miles into Rocky Mountain National Park. Never content to just stay in the car we attempted a hike. The snow was too thick. Even if we could manage a few steps we would still plunge knee deep into the icy softness. All was not lost, they rent snowshoes in Grand Lake. Wondering if and how the damn things worked we returned to Rocky Mountain better outfitted for a little walk. The Holzwarth Historic Site was the most intriguing of the accessible trails. It was perfect. I wanted to experience some snow and here I was with devices strapped to my feet so I could walk across the top of it because there was enough to stop me in my tracks.

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