Mark I Lewis | Colorado | Rocky Mountain National Park Septober 2014

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Rocky Mountain National Park Septober 2014

After helping her move I had a friend to stay with in Colorado. I didn’t even have to bring a car. I just bought a plane ticket, packed a camera bag, stuffed some clothes into the camera bag and I was on my way. I stayed in Denver for most of the trip, which is about 2 hours from Rocky Mountain National Park. On our first attempt to drive Trail Ridge Road it was closed seven miles in from the Estes Park side but that was enough park for us to find an amazing sub alpine hike that took us from bright warm sunshine to snow and thin air. After a short rest we went to Sprague Lake for sunset.
Later in the week we stayed in Grand Lake, which basically is in the park. Grand Lake itself is a pretty cool place and had us poised to get onto Trail Ridge Road first thing in the morning. Well after a huge breakfast, first thing after that. This day Trail Ridge Road was open so we could get anywhere we wanted. We got to play in the snow then went back downhill where it was a little warmer. We spent the rest of the day hiking around Bear Lake. We didn’t mean to spend the whole day though. We got a little lost but thanks to the park’s fantastic bus system we were able to hitch a ride back to our car.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Septober 2014