Mark I Lewis | Adjuntas and Arecibo
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On our second day in Puerto Rico we set off to find the huge radio telescope near Arecibo. We thought we could cut across the mountains and see more stuff. The roads are complicated out in the jungle but we were in no hurry. We drove around arguing about directions until we stumbled into Adjuntas. It was a little town with a nice plaza. We stopped for a few pictures and a pizza.
I think that we got lost in the mountains again before we gave up and drove to Arecibo. There was also a plaza. It was not as nice. The telescope is a straight shot from Arecibo though and that was what we really wanted. At about six o’clock Dad mentioned that he thought maybe he had read that the telescope closed around four. We decided to press on. Maybe we would see enough of it from the parking lot to quell our interest. Could not have been farther from the truth. There was a gate and a guard and awesome space murals and cool towers we could see on top of the mountains. We had to come back on Sunday.

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