Mark I Lewis | 24 Short Videos

24 Short VideosAmong my files was this proposal written a week before I shot this project:

I had only used one of the new cameras on one occasion and besides that I have been using the same camera for six or seven years. For my first project I thought I would force myself to become familiar with the new camera, so for a whole day (24 hours) I made myself get it out and shoot a few minutes of video every hour. This gave me a lot of practice shooting different kinds of things in different kinds of light and warmed me up to the camera really well. For the final product I would like to make 24 short ten second videos each with a clear beginning and ending point, making up a four-minute presentation. Each video will be made up only of footage and sound from its corresponding hour. For the most part I collected images of textures and shapes. I want to present the images more like still photographs or paintings. It does not have to be about what I am shooting or what is going on in the picture necessarily.

As I recall, when I was taking this class I was working at Channel 7. My shift was midnight to 8am on Saturdays and Sundays. Sleeping was sporadic, chaotic and rare back then. I guess since I knew I would be up all night anyway, I would work that into the video.