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My friend Carolyn is moving to Colorado. She needed to go see a few apartments and pick out a place. She has a friend we were able to stay with who recently moved to Denver. Also my friend Reilly lives in Lawrence Kansas, which is just a little more than halfway between Knoxville and Denver. This amazing network meant that there were couches for me to sleep on lined up across the country and someone to split the gas money with. That is all the reason I need to take a road trip.
Denver is a big, hip city and that that’s cool but the best thing about it is how close it is to Rocky Mountain National Park. A drive up Trail Ridge Road seemed like the quickest way to show Carolyn some awesome mountainous Colorado stuff. It got dark pretty early in our trip but we stayed out anyway. We night hiked up a short trail I have always wanted to walk. At the top there are some crazy rock formations, they made good subjects to play with flashlights and long exposures.
On the way back to Tennessee we spent a whole day in Kansas. Lawrence is a little, hip city, which is also very cool. We drove up to Kansas City to see the Glass Labyrinth at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. It is pretty disorienting trying to navigate the transparent corridors. After that it was a trip to the dog park with Bingo and a very rowdy kickball game I regret not photographing.

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